Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus is one of the world’s leading centers for pediatric care and research.  Each month WOCO members produce wooden cutouts which the children can decorate in their rooms with markers or crayons.  Usually we try to make cutouts which relate to the holidays in each month – for example, Valentine hearts in February, shamrocks in March, pumpkins in October, trees and stars in December.
Decorating these cutouts is mostly a way for the children to escape the boredom of hospital confinement.  But sometimes there is a different angle.  One WOCO members tells the story of a little patient from his neighborhood who, sadly, did not survive his illness. His father showed our member a wooden cutout which the child had decorated during his hospital stay.  Now the simple wooden cutout is a cherished memento for the family.
If you’d like to become involved in this project, contact  Mike Quinn ( for further details.